Friday, September 21, 2007: (St. Matthew)

September 21, 2007

Jesus said: “My people, today you celebrate the feast day of St. Matthew who was a tax collector.  I called him as Levi to follow Me and he left everything to come after Me.  This was an instant conversion of faith because he would have to change his lifestyle to become My disciple.  He was one of the four evangelists who recorded My words that you treasure and follow today.  In the vision I am showing you an older traditional church, but My message is to build up My Church among My faithful.  It is not easy to call someone to follow Me in today’s world because you have so many different voices in other religions, as well as many earthly distractions.  Your best means of conversion is to show your love in your actions of everyday life, and to share your beliefs of your Catholic Faith.  People need to see you praying, doing good deeds, and practicing what you preach with no bad language and no displays of anger.  Spreading My message of My Good News to all the nations was My call for My apostles and it is the same call to all of My faithful who have been baptized and confirmed.  Even reach out to the children to teach them the faith because they are the next generation of Catholics.  The children need to be deeply rooted in the true faith with a deep love for My Blessed Sacrament in reverence of My Real Presence.  When you come to your judgment, I will ask you how many souls did you bring to Me?  So work constantly to save souls and pray for poor sinners.”
Jesus said: “My people, there are some cities where sin is rampant because of a bad lifestyle.  This city of Las Vegas is known for its gambling, but also for its drinking and the sexual sins.  Where fast money abounds, it attracts many who are weak to the sins of greed, lust, and gluttony.  Many of these casinos offer prostitutes to get people to gamble at their tables.  It is this sinful lifestyle that puts a cloud of evil around these gambling cities.  These cities also draw My wrath against their sinful actions.  Where man exploits others for their money, and women for money, these people will have much to pay in reparation for their sins.  See these kinds of entertainment as strong occasions of sin that should be avoided.  Pray for the people in these gambling cities to wake up to the importance of Me in their lives, instead of self-gratification in their earthly pleasures.  Anyone can have a gift of insight to wake up to My love as more valuable to their spiritual life than anything else on earth.  There is no peace, rest, or love that can come out of your sins.  By receiving Me in Holy Communion or being forgiven in Confession, this will give you My true peace.  Guard this peace in your heart from all earthly temptations, and you will be happy and joyful to follow Me in your mission.”


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