Sunday, September 9, 2007

September 9, 2007

Jesus said: “My people, you are always challenged in your daily activities to serve Me and always keep Me first in your priorities. As you see this vision of a comfortable chair, your human tendency is always a desire to take the easy way out of every situation. At times you may have to remember that your life is a call to sacrifice for My sake in carrying your cross. You may be faced with opportunities of grace to help people, even when it may take you out of your comfort zone to offer your time and even money to help someone. It is also work each day to restrain any bad example of bad language or anger so you can show others that you practice your Christian beliefs. You also need to give Me some prayer time each day to show Me your love and dedication to My service. Daily prayer can strengthen you against the evil one’s temptations. I know you need to take some time to take care of your personal responsibilities in paying your bills, taking care of your families, working for a living, and such necessities of the body. But do these things out of love for Me and do not let worldly things control your time. Time is your gift and you will need to make an accounting for how you have spent it. You also need to make some time for evangelizing souls because the more gifts that you are given, more is expected of you to share with others in conversions. In all that you do, do it for Me.”
Jesus said: “My people, when you travel on the highway at night with a thick misty rain, you have to slow down because of the poor visibility. A spiritual awareness can also become difficult to see your way when it is clouded by too many earthly distractions. At times you do not even realize how gradually you can become too complacent in your spiritual life as you forget your prayers and worldly events invade your prayer time. You control the scheduling of your events and the priorities of what is more important. When you have a choice between your prayer time and adding more earthly events, let your prayer time with Me take your first priority and put your extra chores off to tomorrow. You need to keep alert in your faith with prayers and good Christian reading. Do not grow lax in your faith because the devil is constantly ready to distract you from Me and lead you into sin with your lost prayer time. Be aware also to go to Confession frequently at least monthly to keep your soul pure and strong. By constantly focusing on Me every day, then you will not lose sight of your ultimate goal of being with Me in heaven.”


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