Saturday, September 8, 2007: (Birthday of the Blessed Mother)

September 8, 2007

Jesus said: “My people, this is the feast day of the Birth of My Blessed Mother, nine months after her feast day of her Immaculate Conception. My Blessed Mother was honored to be without sin throughout her whole life, and even at conception she was free of original sin. This pool of water represents the purity of her life from sin, even as I offer Baptismal waters to free all of mankind from original sin by My death on the cross. My sacrifice has freed all those who are worthy by their actions in life to come to heaven. Man now has an opportunity to come to heaven where the gates have been opened by My redemption of man. You still have free will to accept Me or to reject Me, but you also have Confession to have your sins wiped away when you seek My forgiveness. Even if you are sinners, you have no excuse to not accept My pardon and be saved from your sins. In life you are at the crossroads in every decision that you make. You can choose to follow My Will and My Commandments on the narrow road to heaven, or you can choose to refuse to serve Me on the broad road to hell. Take advantage of My grace and mercy, and you will live in eternal love with Me in heaven where you were made to come.”
Jesus said: “My people, it is important to know what your children are being taught in your schools. A lot of pressure is being placed on your children to get good grades whether it be in grammar school, high school, or in college. There are only a few that are going to excel in getting straight ‘A’s. It is one thing to know your subjects, but each person needs lessons in morals or a knowledge of what is right and wrong by the norms of your society. The need for faith in Me is an inner spiritual calling that is not satisfied until you reach My love and peace. Until you have peace in your soul from Me, you will be constantly seeking this peace until you are satisfied. Some children are brain-washed with an ethnic hatred, while others are brain-washed with a desire to be independent and a striving to be rich in worldly things. Since prayer has been taken out of the schools, it is hard for young people to have a strong calling to faith. It is only by strong parental beliefs that the children are encouraged to attend church and have a good prayer life. Each child has free will and they eventually have to choose to love Me on their own. This is why they need a good environment and loving parents as models to imitate. Pray for your children and see to it that they receive some worthy training in the faith along with their secular classes.”


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