Friday, September 7, 2007

September 7, 2007

Jesus said: “My people, wherever you have My Presence, that of God the Father, or that of the Holy Spirit, you have the Presence of all Three Persons of God because We are inseparable. We are always Three Persons in One God. The Blessed Trinity is a mystery to man because We are so encompassing in Our existence that you cannot comprehend that We are present everywhere in the universe. It is because of Our power at any second of your life that you even exist. The power of creation and the power to sustain creation all comes from God. Even the existence and power of the demons comes from Us. We allow man and the angels to exercise their own free will. I am explaining to you that the source of all power and energy comes from God. Those, who use the occult and witchcraft, derive their power from the demons. So you should know the source of the power, and you will know if it is from an evil power or from Our power of grace. Our power is always greater than the evil ones because We created them. This is why when you call on Me and My Name, the evil ones will leave you. Trust in My power to overcome any evil influence that may afflict you. In the end you will see Me come and defeat the evil ones and chain them in hell. Stay faithful to Me through all of your trials, and you will be greatly rewarded in heaven. Give praise and glory to the Blessed Trinity who are always at your side ready to help you.”


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