Tuesday, September 4, 2007

September 4, 2007

Jesus said: “My son, many times I have confirmed your mission of preparing the people for the coming tribulation of the Antichrist’s brief reign. This is not an easy mission to explain, but its purpose is to instill faith in the people to follow Me in these end days. Some may be frightened by events in the sky at the time of the Warning. Others will see an evil that they have yet to see. Comfort My people with the assurance and hope of My coming again when I will defeat the evil ones. Many signs of the end times are around you, and with the eyes of faith you will know when it is time to leave for My refuges. You have seen a pattern of increased details being given on how and why My faithful will need to leave their homes for My refuges of protection. This is again a confirmation in itself that the time of tribulation is close. Give praise and thanks to Me for all that I am sharing with you so you can carry out your mission.”


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